Sample Milestones
All of our milestone templates are optional - but they really do make the process of recording your child's life easy. If you skip the page, it won't appear in your book. If you skip a question, it won't appear in your book either. We gave you every optional milestone we could think of, but only the ones you choose to answer show up in your child's story.
All about your mom and dad
First Trimester
Second Trimester
Baby shower
Third Trimester
Year One - here is just a sample of the milestones we cover:
Your arrival
First smile
First laugh
Favorite foods
Favorite games
First words
Year Two - here is just a sample of the milestones we cover:

Finished Book Samples
All finished books measure 9 inches tall by 11 1/2 inches wide.
Baby Boy Cover
Gender Neutral Cover
Baby Girl Cover

Sample Graphics

Samples of our three basic themes are pictured below. Of course, your book is going to be completely unique because your child's pictures and experiences will appear in your book. Your printed book can hold 10-60 pages. It's up to you...that's why we call it My Own Little Story!

Gender-Neutral Theme

This book features a light green striped background with simple gender-neutral hand-painted graphics on several of the pages.

Baby Girl Theme

This book features a light pink striped background with some gender-neutral hand-painted graphics along with some more feminine graphics, i.e.: ladybug, daisy and butterfly.

Baby Boy Theme

This book features a light blue striped background with some gender-neutral hand-painted graphics along with some more masculine graphics i.e.: racecar, red wagon, and soccer ball.


Milestone Memory System Samples

Samples of our Milestone Memory System email reminders are pictured below. Once we have your child's birth date/due date we will start sending you timely emails (twice a month) that coincide with your child's development. Our emails are brief, to the point and contain a link directly to your child's story. Just click the link and add your thoughts.

"Remind Me Again" snooze button

If you get an email and don't have time or your child hasn't reached that particular milestone just click the snooze button and we will remind you again in a week.

Multiple Reminders Are Bundled Together

No clogged inboxes! If there is more than one reminder scheduled to go out to you on the same day, we'll combine them into a single email so you can review them all at once in one convenient list.

100% Optional

You're in control. Whenever you create a story you make the choice to receive our Memory Milestone reminder emails. In addition, your preferences are managed from story to story, so you can decide to be reminded for one story, all of your stories, or none at all!

Share Your Baby's Milestones

For friends and family you share your baby's story with, you can also choose to allow them to receive Memory Milestone reminders for your story! Once you allow it, they then have the option to get the same email reminders for your baby's upcoming milestones so they'll be kept up-to-date with your baby's development.