Frequently Asked Questions
This is problem that has to do with the web broswer you are using.  Sometimes your browser remembers old data instead of the new.  In order to correct this, you need to empty your cache.  Each browser has different instructions for "Emptying the Cache".  I suggest you "Google": How to empty the cache on Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer......or whatever browser you are using.  If this doesn't work, contact us:
The reason that your photo is flipping has to do with the "coding" embedded in your photo.  If you just rotate it on your screen, it won't change the coding.  In order to recode the photo, you must first choose the EDIT function on your photo display.  Click to rotate the photo, then be sure to SAVE the changes by clicking DONE or SAVE.  If this doesn't solve the problem, please contact us:
Yes, we want My Own Little Story to work for children of all ages. You can work your way through each of the milestones manually. Just click on the table of contents and start filling out the pages.
Yes. Just go to our Own Little Store and purchase a gift certificate for a family member or friend. We will send it directly to them! They can purchase products from our store or apply it toward a book when they are ready.
Yes, whether you have twins or several children of different ages, we have made it simple to add stories. After you log on, select "My Stories" from the top menu. Using the right hand menu select "Start a New Story" and you will be prompted what to do next.
Yes, at any point during the process you can change the color scheme/theme of your story. Choose the story you want to change by clicking on the title of that story. From the right hand menu, select "Edit Story Details and Theme." Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can select a new theme.
There are several advantages to using My Own Little Story. First is our Milestone Memory System which prompts you, via email, to record the details of your child's life. No other website offers this valuable service...especially not for free! Second, our hand-painted graphics are beautiful and timeless. The finished product is a high end, linen embossed hardcover book which you can treasure for years to come! These are just a few reasons to choose My Own Little Story. Try it and we just know you will find may more reasons to love our books and products.