Pricing is a free service until users reach their two year anniversary on the site.  AFTER two years, users are asked to print their story (book or CD) or pay a nominal storage fee: $15 for 6-months and $24 for a year.  Those who are "viewing" stories or "shopping" will continue to have free accounts to view stories or shop.

Some important details about our printed baby books.  Finished books are 8 1/2" high x 11" wide.   They are printed in the USA on the highest quality HP Indigo printer, the pages are full-bleed (that means every millimeter of space is used to the end of the page), they are professionally bound in a linen embossed hardcover made especially for My Own Little Story. The front cover has a 4¼" x 3¼" window to display an image of your child.


NEW FEATURE: We now offer your child's story on CD!     $30

The Short Story    $38.99 - Makes a great gift!
  • 28 sophisticated and charming pages- to admire and share with loved ones (14 pages/front and back)
  • Every beautiful story is professionally printed and carefully bound
  • Our most affordable baby book breaks down to $1.39/page- you can't even buy a pack of gum for that price these days!

The Tall Tale    $48.99 - Perfect for the "less is more" parent!
  • 40 pages of memories that will quickly become one of your top ten stories (20 pages/ front and back)
  • Every beautiful story is professionally printed and carefully bound
  • Our Tall Tale breaks down $1.22/printed page- at this price, you can still afford to buy diapers!

The Novel    $58.99- Not too long, not too short!  This book is just right for most.
  • 52 pages to narrate your baby's highlights (26 pages/ front and back)
  • Plenty of space to cover the first year and more
  • Just like the other options, your child's beautiful story is professionally printed and carefully bound
  • What a novel idea- the more you buy the more you save $1.13/printed page

The Odyssey    $68.99 - Best value!
  • 64 pages to boast about your little one- you can fit it all in this book. (32 pages/ front and back)
  • Yes, we hired professionals to make sure every single book is of the highest quality- no matter how long or short
  • The Odyssey works out to be $1.08/printed page- never to soon to start saving for college.
The Phone Book    $78.99 - Need I say more?
  • 72 pages of your sweet baby (36 pages/front back)
  • I received over 50 emails for more pages- this is the most pages we could possibly squeeze into our custom covers (I guess we need bigger covers).